That beard may make you look tough - but getting yourself up and over these logs will test whether you ARE tough. At nearly 6 foot tall, these giant hurdles require strength, coordination, and true commitment to past. Don't worry - if your still in the 5-o'clock shadow phase of training, a fellow Mudder will help you over.

Grit Teamwork Strength Fun
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Grit flameflame
Teamwork flameflameflame
Strength flameflameflameflame
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Plant Your Hands

Stick your hands on those logs and give a little hop. You’ll want your chest to clear the hurdle.

Press Up

Push upwards to gain some height, then transition your body to the other side.

Get a Boost

There’s no shame in teamwork – get a leg up if the hurdles are too high.

“So simple. So devious. So much taller than I am.”

The inside word
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How To Conquer
Plant your hands firmly on the top of the hurdles, then give a good hop (or get a good boost) to get your chest over the top. Use your body’s momentum to pivot and swing your legs over to the other side.


Clamboring over a fallen log is a Paleolithic-era concept. It didn’t become cool until Tough Mudder started putting it on course in 2012, though.