Augustus Gloop

Whatever you do, don't look up. Augustus Gloop might be an all-time Mudder favorite, but you'll need a firm grip and lots of mental grit to conquer this climb. With high pressure jets of water hitting you from every angle as you fight off claustrophobia, you'll need all the toughness you've got.

Grit Teamwork Strength Fun
flameflameflame flame flameflameflame flameflame
Grit flameflameflame
Teamwork flame
Strength flameflameflame
Fun flameflame

Look Forward

Keep climbing, Mudder – water will be rushing down on top of yous so to avoid water in your eyes keep a forward glance VS looking up.

Get a grip

With the water rushing on top of your, take your time scaling up the wet ladder for a firm hold so you don’t fall.

Tight Squeeze

Tuck your shoulders in as you climb in the small space

“Wet & wild!”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Augustus Gloop.
How To Conquer
Think think & don’t look up. Climb the ladder ensuring both your hands and footing have a firm grip on each ladder section. Keep your hands on the ladder close to your chest, since the tunnel you have to scale is on the smaller side. File under: wet & wild.


After taking a sabbatical in 2021, Augustus Gloop is BACK in the tail end of 2022 with a wet & wild climb Mudders love to brag about.

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