Why Tough Mudder London West Should be Your First Tough Mudder of the Season

With Christmas behind us and plenty of cold January days ahead, it’s surely time to start looking forward to the 2019 Tough Mudder season.

If like us you can’t wait to hit the mud then Tough Mudder London West should be the only date circled on your calendar and here’s why…


4 Reasons Tough Mudder London West Should be Your First Event of 2019

Tough Mudder London West is a pretty special event every year, here’s why you should make it your first challenge.

1. The Earliest Opportunity to Try out Brand New Obstacles


If you’re desperate to tackle the full-body experience of The Gaunlet, can’t wait to return to Augustus Gloop 2.0 or have been dreaming of your first go on Black Widow then Tough Mudder London West will be your first opportunity to take on these exciting new 2019 obstacles.

Fancy a little taster of obstacle action? Don’t forget you can party in the city at Tough Mudder 5K Urban – Finsbury Park in April.


2. The First Time You Can Get Filthy in 2019

Mud, glorious mud. Tough Mudder London West is the first opportunity for you to ditch your inhabitions and dive right into thick, sticky mud with all of your mates.

Whether you’re looking for 5K of fun or 8-10 miles of physical and mental challenges, London West has you covered.



3. Beautiful Countryside in British Springtime


Culden Faw is always a Mudder favourite when it comes to beautiful locations. Think sweeping green scenery, dark woodlands and all just an hour train ride out of central London.


4. A Challenging Course That Every Mudder Knows

When we said sweeping green scenery we actually meant rolling hills and just a few steep inclines…this course is a challenge but that’s why Mudders love it.


Not booked your 2019 spot year? Tickets for all 2019 events are available now.


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