Meet Skyla a Help for Heroes Supporter and Tough Mudder Ambassador

Now in its sixth year, Help for Heroes’ partnership with Tough Mudder has raised more than £2.8 million. Thanks to the efforts of Mudders across the country, money raised has gone towards Help for Heroes’ Sports Recovery programme, ensuring wounded, inured and sick Servicemen and women can discover the power of grassroots sport in their recovery.

Skyla Penhallurick is one of thousands to have benefited from Sports Recovery activities. This is her story.


Skyla and Help for Heroes

Skyla Penhallurick became involved with Help for Heroes after her father left the Navy and was diagnosed with severe PTSD. Help for Heroes provided Skyla and her family with much needed support.

In 2016, Skyla won a place at Tough Mudder Midlands through the Band of Sisters Fellowship, which provides support for those affected by military service, she wanted to give back to the charity that had helped her family.

At just 22 years of age, she has now completed 21 Tough Mudder events, running a total of 23 laps, and becoming a Tough Mudder Ambassador. As an ambassador Skyla encourages other people to take part in events.

She trains by using an assault course near her work place and is always happy to share training tips or advice on how to take on the course.

Why does Skyla keep coming back to Tough Mudder?

The draw for Skyla is the opportunity to tackle personal obstacles, such as her own fear of water – which makes total submersion an incredibly daunting prospect. She, like so many other mudders, overcomes this by remembering the shared ethos between Tough Mudder and Help for Heroes; anybody can conquer the obstacles that they’re facing, whether on course or in life, with a little support from those around you.

A big part of Tough Mudder’s appeal for Skyla, aside from raising awareness for a charity close to her heart, is the camaraderie and team spirit demonstrated by everyone out on the course, which often leads to lasting friendships among those sharing the experience of the day.

Have you been inspired by Skyla’s story? You can raise money for Help for Heroes by taking part in Tough Mudder in 2018.


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