Three Reasons To Sign Up For Tough Mudder Training

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If you are wanting to take your Tough Mudder experience one step further and get really stuck in with ‘No Excuses’. You’ll want to read the below list of three reasons to consider signing up to Tough Mudder Training and to join our unique mud run training programmes.

Tough Mudder is known for having event formats that are not timed races. So you may be asking yourself why should you train for a Tough Mudder? Of course you can turn up on the day and enjoy the experience of getting to the end, we welcome all goals and adventures on event day. However there’s option two, no matter if this is your first obstacles course experience, or you’re wanting to step your challenge level up, Tough Mudder training programmes might just have the answer.

Three Reasons To Join Our Mud Run Training

1. Boost Confidence Through Specific Exercises

Being able to successfully complete all of the obstacles is a goal for most people, but many don’t know where to start and the exercises you need to do to prepare for such a feat. Our training program will leave you feeling stronger and ready to conquer the obstacles. The 5 week program uses specific exercises that are geared towards each obstacle to prepare your body for the event, so you cross the finish line feeling your best.  

2. Injury Prevention

Have you thought about how you will feel after the event? Training will make you feel less sore and most importantly: it will help with injury prevention. A good training program will help to improve muscle function, strengthen your tendons and ligaments and will help your body handle the stress of the event. 

3. Support From A Certified Tough Mudder Coach

In our training programme, you will have direct access to your coach and the community you will be running with in your program. You will be able to prepare for your event by asking questions, receiving valuable tips and even finding new running buddies. So much information will be shared, from tips on how to perform obstacles, to nutrition tips and how to live a healthy lifestyle – that you will cross the finish line feeling fulfilled alongside your programme members.

Tough Mudder Training Programmes begins five weeks out from your Tough Mudder. All you need to do is register for the programme when you sign up on active.com or if you forget this step, you can enrol here.

Get a little more acquainted with our course distances, there’s a new kind on the blocks in the form of our 10K obstacle run event.


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