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Tough Mudder Meets The Philippines

Tough Mudder Meets The Philippines

Fully intending to dirty up our Filipino athletes, the daredevils of Tough Mudder are finally here to blaze the Philippine trails. We’re positive the OCR community is roaring from excitement because at long last, mud is sitting front and center. You can crawl, run, walk, or jog to the finish line, everything is completely within your pace, until you run into the obstacles. That’s where the real action comes in, so brace yourselves because it’s about to get rowdy real fast.

Pretty sure we already had you at “mud”, but here’s some answers to frequently asked questions from inquiring thrill-seekers:


Is Tough Mudder a race?

Compared to other obstacle courses, Tough Mudder’s core value isn’t hooked on competition, but on teamwork. The mud run is far from a race, and is more of a personal challenge aimed at the participants to amp up their physical limits and to widen their fitness horizons. The obstacles are specifically designed for teams to overcome, NOT by just one individual because we want to highlight camaraderie on and off the trail.


How difficult are the obstacles?

Does having electric wires and fire walks count as difficult? Our obstacles are definitely not a walk in the park because not only do you need more than a couple of hands to get through, but enough nerve to keep you from running in the opposite direction. However, since there’s no competition here, you can opt to skip obstacles you’re not comfortable doing, there’s no penalty or shame in doing so, either.


How long is a Tough Mudder?

Depending on the kind of challenge you’re hungry for, we have different courses with varying difficulties. In our Challenger series, we have:


• Tough Mudder 5K that’s 3.1 miles with 13 obstacles
• Tough Mudder Classic that’s 8-10 miles with 25 obstacles


How do I join a team?

Running is so much more bearable when you have company, which is why you can assemble your team based on family or friends. Register beforehand as a group under the event you want to join and create a team name that fits all of you, no judgement here whatsoever, so knock yourselves out.


Can I run alone?

For sure! Lots of participants fly solo and there’s more than enough people to help you out in the obstacles.


What should I wear and bring?

The essentials for a Tough Mudder run include:

• Your ID

• Garbage bag (for your mud-soaked clothes)
• Sturdy shoes
• Water bottle
• Gloves
• Sunscreen
• Sandals — to wear after the event
• Raging determination

Now you’re brought up to speed, the question isn’t a matter of whether you have what it takes to be a Mudder, but a matter of when you want to be one. Our unrelenting motto has always been team spirit and fun, we promise you nothing short of that. We don’t bite, but maybe the obstacles will. We’ll be waiting for you at the gates, so come and join the legion!