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The Legendary, Tough Mudder Classic

The Legendary, Tough Mudder Classic

Get ready to throw it back, because we’re returning to our badass roots to make 2020 an unforgettable season. Out of all the new courses Tough Mudder has released over the years, Tough Mudder Classic will forever be top tier when it comes to Mudders and organizers alike.


What makes a Tough Mudder Classic?


Classics never grow old, this course lets first-timers experience what Tough Mudder is made of and how well it can satisfy adrenaline junkies out there. It’s not recommended to go into a Tough Mudder event blind, especially if you’re aiming to finish a Tough Mudder Classic. It’s a 16 kilometer course filled to the brim with mud and loaded with 25 unique obstacles that require you to act trail-smart with your team.


Infamous Tough Mudder Classic Obstacles 


Mud Mile 2.0

The muddiest of them all, this obstacle requires you to walk, run, or jog, whatever floats your boat, through a 6 foot deep muddy creek. Steady footing and your teammate’s sturdy grip is what will help you survive this long trail of thick, marshy earth. 


Funky Monkey

Imagine, monkey bars but on steroids. Under the bars, there’s probably a shallow stream of water that will meet you once your grip slips. The key to this obstacle is patience and your own grip strength. Don’t rush, take your sweet time as you swing from one bar to another and choose your route wisely to find the least difficult path.


Leap of Faith

This obstacle speaks for itself, you’ll literally have to leap from a 6-foot water gap to a cargo net and traverse down a pole to get down to safe, muddy ground. Talk about hanging by a thread, right? Strategize your jump to nail a landing that will earn you a solid grasp on the net, you only get one shot at a time because if you miss, you’ll fall directly into murky water.


Berlin Walls

If you like scaling walls, then this obstacle is for you. The Berlin Wall is a 9-foot wall that requires a knee up or a hand boost for you and your teammates to be able to go over the wall. This is one of those obstacles that you really can’t do alone, or else you’ll just be left down the other side of the wall, like a wimp (Yep, you heard us).


Mudder Village

After all that hard and gruelling work, whether you crush the obstacle course or let it crush you, there’s an after party to regain some of your dignity back. Tough Mudder Classic is always followed by the Mudder Village festival, which include:

• Live entertainment
• Food and drinks (BOOZE!!!)
• Lawn games
• And some good ol’ mudder camaraderie


Enjoy your rewards for finishing the Tough Mudder Classic because we all know you deserve it. Aside from bragging rights, don’t forget to claim the sought after, orange Tough Mudder headband because that too, can be shoved in to people’s faces. Get off your couch and become a bonafide Mudder by joining our Tough Mudder Classic!