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5 Tips To Conquer Everest 2.0

5 Tips To Conquer Everest 2.0

You’re already halfway through the course, the sun is shining down on you, your calves are burning and your arms are starting to feel like jelly. As you try to catch your breath, a shadow is suddenly cast over you, “What now?” you’re probably wondering. 

Behold, Everest 2.0. This 13 foot quarter-pipe with a curved top is usually positioned towards the end of the course. It’s a final test of your endurance as a Mudder and can be a nightmare if you don’t play your cards right. Teamwork is key in this obstacle and you might not get past it without an extra set of hands to help you out. Here’s some tips to conquer this great wall:


1. Keep running


Veteran wall scalers have a technique they use to aid their climb up to the top. If you’re aiming to complete the Everest 2.0 with no other pair of hands but your own, you’re lucky physics is naturally on your side. Having your mass at its highest velocity gives you a better chance of reaching the high point of an object. Pull yourself back from the crowd and have those heels prepared for a fast take off. And then jump when you feel like the time is right.


2. Time it out


Timing is everything, especially so in Everest 2.0. The most common mistake participants make when tackling this obstacle is either jumping too early or jumping too late. Even though its entirety is staggering enough and makes your knees wobble, this obstacle doesn’t stop there. It has additional booby traps that make the climb harder, for instance, such as the wall being drenched with soap, oil or water. Despite that, a strong leap can still be made three quarters away from its corner.


3. Don’t underestimate

To up your chances of winning, it’s good to imagine the tail end of the Everest 2.0 to be a foot or two higher than it actually is. This keeps you from belittling its size and prevents you from slowing down at the most crucial moment. Most often our losses come from being overconfident, don’t take your chances on this one and stay on your toes.


4. Use your arms

The minute your arm lands on the flat surface of the top’s ledge, don’t let go no matter what. Keep your armpit suctioned to its lip and hold on tight. It won’t take long for your fellow Mudders to help ease your distress. If you find yourself unassisted, release a burst of energy to swing your dominant leg to the upper ledge and on the next count, roll over your dominant shoulder to the sweet summit of Everest 2.0.


5. Lend a hand

Nothing beats good ol’ teamwork. After successfully (whether by yourself or with the help of a friend) climbing the wall, be a good sport and start helping Mudders who are still on the ground. Don’t be stingy and extend a hand to those who might need it.


Everything about Tough Mudder is about living in the moment and cherishing the experience. Tough Mudder obstacles can be pretty gnarly adversaries but the beauty behind these challenges is the fact that you can do it with a friend or a group of strangers. The immediate solidarity on the trail is what keeps Mudders going back in for more, because not only is the adrenaline rush addicting, so is the camaraderie.